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What does The Little Sipper serve?

We can serve Prosecco from a bottle or Frizzante on tap. Even though tasting the same due to European regulation "Prosecco"can only be called Prosecco by its name if it's produced, and transported from a certain region of Italy by bottle from which it must then be served from.  We can also serve a number of drinks ranging from fizz to lager, and cider.

What are the costs of hiring The Little Sipper?

Costings depend on the kind of event and whether you are looking to pay for glasses for your guests or they pay for themselves.  Below are examples of different pricing options

Example 1- A wedding where the couple would like to pay for a glass of fizz for their guests usually for drinks on arrival. Subject to a purchase minimum there would be no attending cost.

Example 2- A birthday party where you would like the guests to buy their own drink.  There would be a one off attending cost

All prices are tailor made so email us at and we would be more than happy to quote for you.

Can The Little Sipper attend most events?

Of course, as long as you have the the site owners permission. 

 Does The little Sipper have a licence to sell alcohol?

All the little sipper guys hold personal licences to be able to serve acohol.  Just like any mobile bar we would apply for a "temporary events notice" to enable us to sell at your event.

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